Neighborhood Watch, the dynamic production powerhouse behind films like Blue Ruin and Super Dark Times, the Netflix docuseries Killer Sally, and commercial campaigns for Taco Bell, Ford, Reese’s, Coca-Cola, and more, is expanding its horizons. 

Welcoming new talents, including managing director Dal Wolf, cult-favorite directing duo Fatal Farm, multi-hyphenate comedic director Sergio Cilli, and culinary visionary director Adam Bricker, this move underscores their commitment to creativity and unique directorial voices in both short and long-form content.

This strategic expansion solidifies their creative-first ethos and broadens their influence across the industry. Their stellar roster already boasts incredible talent, Jeremy Saulnier (Cannes Directors’ Fortnight Winner for Blue Ruin, Green Room and Hold the Dark) and the craft-driven magic-makers The Voorhes (Reese's, Burger King, Uber Eats, Kraft-Heinz, 7-Eleven, Pepsi).

Currently, Neighborhood Watch is readying the release of their fantasy adventure film with A24 titled The Legend of Ochi. Directed by Isaiah Saxon in his debut and starring Willem Dafoe, this project exemplifies their commitment to innovating storytelling across genres, enhancing their reputation as stand-out producers in independent cinema.

Upcoming projects also include a feature film and TV show from Sergio Cilli, and other long-form properties in development as a team.

“Joining the team with Traci and Rich has already been rewarding. As soon as we met we recognised our shared values and approach. They are also a team that, like myself, started from the ground floor which really allows us to have a similar footing. They also have done what many want to do, they’ve made independent films, streaming docuseries, studio films and successfully executed big commercial campaigns. Our instinctual teamwork has really allowed us to hit the ground running creating impactful work for Little Caesars, Snapple, Tillamook, Modelo and more in production,” says Dal Wolf, the new managing director of Neighborhood Watch. “I’m so excited by the incredible talent already at Neighborhood Watch.”

Dal Wolf, known for founding the comedy juggernaut Gifted Youth with Funny or Die, collaborating with Gary Sanchez Productions and overseeing numerous Fortune 100 company campaigns, brings his innovative creative vision to Neighborhood Watch. Wolf has a proven track record of transforming ideas into standout media projects, evidenced by his work on Fatal Farm’s Skittles Apologize the Rainbow and Pepsi’s Test Drive 1 & 2,”among many others.

Neighborhood Watch’s decision to welcome the singular and wry directing duo Fatal Farm highlights their appreciation for unique voices in the advertising space. Fatal Farm’s Zachary Johnson and Jeffrey Max, renowned for their surreal Old Spice and Skittles ads (most awarded campaign of 2023-2024) and their work on I Think You Should Leave, Key and Peele, and Lasagna Cat, bring a unique perspective and creative flair.

“Dal’s experience and vibe is a perfect fit for Neighborhood Watch. He brings creative chops and production savvy that’s in line with our taste and approach to filmmaking. We are thrilled to have him and the amazing directors he works with in our expanding family,” says Co-Founder Traci Carlson.

Additional filmmakers joining the Neighborhood Watch team include:

Sergio Cilli: Cilli is a director, performer, and Emmy Award-winning writer. He has worked for brands such as Fiat, Wendy’s, Under Armour, and Toyota, while also directing content for Key and Peele and writing for MTV, PBS, and Comedy Central. 

Adam Bricker: Bricker is a seasoned visual food director known for setting the visual language of Chef's Table. He has directed campaigns that combine food with humanity for Discover Card, Jersey Mike’s and Stouffer’s. Bricker is also renowned for his cinematography work on Hacks. With this infusion of fresh talent, Neighborhood Watch is poised to continue leading the charge in innovative and impactful storytelling across various media platforms.