Following tradition from previous presidents Vicki Maguire, and Ana and Hermeti Balarin, Chaka’s manifesto addresses the Circle’s commitment to removing barriers to participation for the creative industries, calling for the UK creative community to "make this a year of possibilities, of trying harder than we ever have before, to change who we are and what’s to come for everyone." 

10% of all award entries and 100% of Creative Circle membership goes towards the Creative Foundation to address the imbalance of opportunity and support faced by young people across the UK. The Foundation recently committed to covering the course fees and maintenance of a promising young creative. 

“Then disparity has been exacerbated by Covid” said Creative Circle CEO, Jeremy Green. “We’re resolute in our commitment to celebrating creativity and supporting the creatives of tomorrow; through our awards, our membership, and the newly launched UK Creative Festival this summer.”     

Creative Circle 2021, Chaka Sobhani   

I’ve sat down so many times to write this manifesto.  

And I’ll be honest, it’s been a bit tricky.  

Not because I don’t know what to say.  

But rather how to say it.  

What’s the snappy slogan to wrap it all up?  

Google search political campaigns for inspiration.  


What’s the theme?  

Buzz words spinning.  

Shit again.  

Nothing feels quite right.  

I’m a big fan of a quote or two, so let’s see if that helps.  

“Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the days to come can depend on what you do today”.  

Nice. Ernest Hemingway.  

“We lead through creativity. It’s time we lead through equality”  

Spot on. Jeremy Green.  

Now we’re getting somewhere.  

This hell of a past year has seen mountains moved the world over.  

In politics, culture, finance, science, art.  

In everything in fact.  

Sometimes good.  

Sometimes bad.  

But it has shown what’s possible when folks collectively listen, and act.  

Spirit, heart, love, anger and frustration have all fuelled things to change.  

And change is exactly what we need.  

We all know that.  

Opportunities have been too limited and for too few, for far too long.  

We need to find, discover, attract, nourish and nurture those delicious creatives minds and souls who will not only make our creativity better, but our workplaces richer and our hearts stronger.  

We miss them.  

We owe them.  

We need them.  

As people and for all the different skills and types of creativity they will bring and teach us.  

The Circle has never been about ring fencing creativity and keeping people out, but more a circular portal through which to welcome people in.  

So, let’s make this a year of possibilities, of trying harder than we ever have before, to change who we are and what’s to come for everyone.  

Like Mr Hemmingway and Green say, our future relies on what we do today, and every day, to make that change happen