It takes a talented and diverse roster to produce the range of stories we have to tell with honest, emotive performances, set to striking visuals and sounds. 

"That’s why we are more than excited that Merman has joined MCQ Zurich for exclusive representation in Switzerland.” - this is how executive producer and managing partner Philipp Petersson at who’s mcqueen picture sees it.

It feels like a new start for MCQ after the lockdown with five new directors as well as the Merman roster onboard.

MCQ had previously connected with Ari Zehnder, Fabian Weber and Nadia Marquard-Otzen on numerous productions and this is an opportunity to further strengthen that bond. Jonas Vahl's extraordinary visual talent excited and convinced the producers to take him on board; whilst Stina Lütz’s lightness of touch and emotive performances immediately resonated with executive producers and brothers Clemens and Philipp Petersson who felt a connection through their common Swedish roots.

“Representing the Merman directors on the Swiss market is a massive boost to us providing access to an exciting and diverse range of talent; in turn opening up all sorts of creative opportunities" says Clemens. Founded by Sharon Horgan and Clelia Mountford they are equally adept in producing award winning commercials, brand funded entertainment, feature films and television shows such as the BAFTA winning Catastrophe

The Merman roster features names such as Martin Krejci, Anton Corbjn, Guy Manwaring, MJ Delaney and Vaughan Arnell to name a few.

With a roster compromised of local, international and diverse talent featuring no less than eight female directors it feels like MCQ are able to tell a range of stories from a range of perspectives in a range of styles offering agencies and brands an exciting array of possibilities in terms of getting their message across.