Production studio Spindle are delighted to introduce the talents of filmmaker and photographer Marcus Tortorici to the UK and Netherlands, and look forward to building on his US success. 

Marcus’ varied and proven talents behind the camera have led him to create striking output across multi-platforms and for brands all around the globe. 

His creative energy and desire to get every last drop of potential out of his work, alongside a strong visual sensibility and burgeoning sense of humour, has earned him television, promo, photography and commercial accolades, as well as features in the LA Times and Huffington Post.

Originally from Alabama, Marcus’ southern charm, mixed with his East Coast eye, makes for a powerful combination of warmth and edge, and he brings a fresh perspective to the UK market.

Marcus Tortorici: “Spindle has something special going on. They’ve got this small family vibe that’s awesome to be a part of, while still packing a serious punch with their industry experience and ability to make incredible work. You can always feel when a shop is on the rise and I wanted to be a part of that momentum.”

Managing Partner Miles Nathan: ‘Marcus is a super exciting prospect for us at Spindle. A unique blend of raw energetic visuals, cinematic scope and a sense of fun which is so needed these days! People want to be surprised and entertained when they watch content. Marcus embodies that true independent and subversive spirit and to see what he does over in the UK and Amsterdam is incredibly exciting!’