Bicoastal production partner m ss ng p eces announced that Ehsan Bhatti has joined its live action directorial roster for U.S. representation. 

Bhatti is an award-winning filmmaker, innately skilled at blending singular characters with stylized visuals for content that is authentic and nuanced.

“Ehsan's work is just like him: thoughtful, stylish, and just weird enough to make you want to know more. He's shown amazing versatility working across sport, packaged goods, and car work, but what unifies his style is a magnetic energy that's feels like today and the future all at the same time,” said Ari Kuschnir, founder and managing partner at m ss ng p eces.

Born and raised in London, Bhatti’s mission as a director is to make space for authentic representation and tell stories from fresh perspectives. He holds two degrees in architecture and graphic design, and has toured Europe as a professional DJ, giving him an international and atypical background that informs his directing. He began freelancing as a director in the fashion world and almost instantly gained international notice when his spot for Vertu received a YDA nomination at Cannes Lions in 2014. He has gone on to direct engaging work for brands such as Nike, NFL, Burberry, BMW, Lexus, Porsche, Adidas, and many others, and has earned accolades from Cannes Lions, Creative Circle, and others along the way.

“Advertising’s place in today’s world is rapidly changing and when you take a step back and look at which production companies are evolving and thinking outside of the box, m ss ng p eces tops the list,” shared Bhatti. “My goals align with theirs in terms of thinking content-first instead of platform-first, and having a more experimental approach while telling thought-provoking stories. I’m glad to partner with m ss ng p eces for the next chapter in my career in the U.S.”