One of Digital Domain’s original commercial directors, Pierre Michel-Estival has joined full-service production company Logan Industry for U.S. commercial representation. 

Michel-Estival is an acclaimed French director based in Los Angeles, known for his distinctive style that blends grandiose visuals and intimate character work. His career began in France, where he worked in visual effects and contributed to more than 35 feature films alongside directors such as Oliver Stone or Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Michel-Estival's work caught the attention of Hollywood, and he was soon approached by Digital Domain, the Oscar-winning company founded by James Cameron, to bring his style to the American film industry. Since then, he has established himself as a leader in the field, widely recognised as one of the most sought-after directors in the business.

“Pierre is a force of nature and just a super great talent to have on set and in the cutting room,” said José Nuñez, Logan Industry Founder/Executive Producer. “He is not only an engaging storyteller and an actor’s director, but also a wonderful person. We’ve worked with him before and always found him to be brimming with vivid ideas and genuine enthusiasm for whatever task was in front of him. As a new company that is focused on directors and nurturing careers, we are happy and excited to be working with directors of Pierre’s high caliber, who are passionate about what they do and about the brands they’ve service. They are very visual and forward thinking and they are key partners in Logan Industry’s rapid growth and success.”

A member of the Directors Guild of America since 2016, Michel-Estival has directed a wide range of projects for many of the world's leading brands, including Nike, Piaget, Lancôme, Ubisoft, Disney and Cartier, among many others. He has also been involved in filming prestigious events such as Tribeca Film Festival, the Nobel Peace Prize and the Super Bowl. He has worked with high-profile figures, including Ryan Reynolds, LeBron James, Buzz Aldrin, Jennifer Lopez, and Conan O'Brien to name a few. 

Michel-Estival's creative range is exemplified by his work on a wide range of projects, from luxury commercials to groundbreaking initiatives like the first-ever auto-lacing shoe commercial for Nike. He is equally comfortable directing high-profile celebrities like Ryan Reynolds on a London rooftop for Piaget, as he is directing complex cinematic scenes on a motion capture stage for Star Wars.

“Logan is a special company, an organization with real values,” said Michel-Estival. “Jose and Executive Producer Marthinus Lamprecht are wonderful people who run their company like an extended family, paying special care and attention to everyone on the team and to the clients they work with. Their focus on people-values is unique and wonderful, and they treat their roster of extremely talented directors as family, all of whom I have already met. When you’re working with a family business, with people you appreciate and who really appreciate you, that is the magic formula. That is Logan Industry.”

Logan Industry has been building its production team and growing its business steadily since it was founded two years ago by Nunez, who produced 2020’s award-winning documentary feature The Donut King, directed by Alice Gu, who is on Logan Industry’s roster of directors. The company has produced campaigns for such brands as Samsung, Genesis, Toyota and United Health. In addition to producing broadcast commercials, branded content and online advertising content, Logan Industry also is in pre-production on a major feature film with a top Hollywood director and stars, to be announced soon.