Liz Unna was born in New Mexico, raised in Belgium and now lives in London.

Nothing in Unna's family background could have predicted a filmmaking career, but from the moment Unna stepped into creativity, everything went fast. 

Discovery channel, Channel 4, adding to this list of professional encounters, Unna is now a prolific director with a very special and sensitive strength of the self taught eye.

On the inevitable question about parity in filmmaking, Unna prefers encouraging the hopeful dialogue between men and women in the business, aspiring to a common effort.

Superette feels at home signing such a talent, with great values and a very specific point of view often borrowed from her documentary approach. Hopefully, Unna will feel at home too.

And as Superette loves mingling talents and create artistic bridges we thought our dear and unique wax pencil artist Amelie Pichon could portray Unna.