Director Lauren Pringle was born and raised in the UK but set up home in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 2009-2017. 

A trained actress, dancer and performer, she began her career in film when she studied at SICA film school in Argentina in 2012. Whilst studying she created a successful performance dance group with 2 friends called Flow Altas Wachas. The group thrived on fusing fashion and performance art with film and has become an innovative brand in urban culture in Argentina.

Following a successful background in producing and choreography/performance art, Lauren recently debuted her directing career. Her first film, Shove, in response to abortion rights in Argentina, created a buzz around her work collectively, having directed, produced and choreographed the project herself. 

She has since gone on to work with FAMILIA, collaborating with former winner of The Voice, Ruti, to create an electric promo for her brand-new single Racing Cars.

Movement, music, urbanisation, contrasting cultures and the exploration of gender is what inspires Lauren’s work. She has brought a unique energy and aesthetic to the work she has done with FAMILIA so far and we are super excited to continue collaborating with her exclusively.