The LA- and online-based college of music, ICON Collective, states that it is their responsibility is to nurture and aid the next generation of music creatives and professionals with an inclusive educational environment. 

After years of turning out successful graduates from their programs, It became clear to the company that Black artists have been severely underrepresented within ICON, and that they needed to make a conscious effort to change. "We wholeheartedly believe the strength of our Collective is directly connected to the diversity of its members," they say. "We fully recognize that the seeds of all modern music were conceived from the minds of American Black Culture. We need to do our part to celebrate and honor this lineage while also ensuring that the student body is better balanced and represented."

Time is of the essence as this is the last weekend to apply; the deadline is Monday August 17.

With this in mind, ICON Collective has announced their now Annual ICON Black Voices Scholarship. ICON’s curriculum has empowered many creatives to follow their bliss as defined by their own personal vision. With this scholarship fund, they aim to play a small part in helping Black creatives manifest their vision through the power of music and forge their own path to give the world something it desperately needs: their voices.

ICON is awarding scholarships to their Vocal Artist, Music Production, and Music Business Programs at its Los Angeles campus. One chosen recipient per program will receive a $19,500 scholarship and embark on a year long intensive study to develop their skills and hone their craft at our campus in Burbank California. You can learn more about their programs here but time is of the essence as this is the last weekend to apply; the deadline is Monday August 17.

"It is our sincere hope that by extending avenues for Black creatives to join our Collective, we can contribute to a positive shift in the antiquated status quo," the Collective says.