Amsterdam-based production company HALAL has changed its name to 100% as part of a wider relaunch that pays tribute to the company’s history and heritage, while simultaneously reaffirming its 100% commitment to the craft of film and photography.

The independent powerhouse has been making waves since it was founded in 2005, solidifying its position as a global industry leader in visual media, with an oeuvre spanning award-winning documentary films, features and photography campaigns, alongside boundary-pushing commercial work for brands including Nike, CASETiFY, Gentle Monster, and G-Star.

As the company has grown and modernised, so has the need to shed the name HALAL, which has the potential to be distracting or confusing. The name 100% was chosen because it reflects the company’s unwavering focus on film and photography, and also acts as a tangible link to its origin story, as the company was originally founded as 100% HALAL by Gijs Kerbosch.

“When we adopted the name 100% HALAL in 2005, cultural appropriation was not something we were really aware of, but over our 19-year history the cultural context has changed. The conversation has moved on, and we understand how the name might raise questions and be confusing.”  says Gijs Determeijer, Partner and Head of Commercial and Photo Departments. “It feels like the right step, for us, to change the name to something which reflects what the company is: a playground for creatives working in the fields of film, photography and media, a team who all go in 100%, treating every project as a chance to leave a lasting impact on popular culture. New name, same company.”

The relaunch comes as the company builds on its reputation for turning visionary creativity into impactful narratives that redefine storytelling – marking the start of a new era in creative production. Over the past two decades, the company has won accolades worldwide for projects spanning the trailblazing New Kids series, through to stunning documentaries like King of the Cruise – and now it is aiming to set new benchmarks for the art of film and documentary.   

“100% is an honest reflection of what this company, and everyone who works here, is about. It’s the most positive, visceral way to express yourself, but it’s also a phrase you encounter everywhere, and no one is in any doubt as to what it means: putting 100% into what we do, with 100% taste, 100% craft and 100% creativity. We are really excited about the future of 100% with some brilliant, beautiful documentaries, films and commercial projects in the making,” says Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, Partner, Managing Director and Producer Documentary.   

The relaunch is led by a new website: and also includes a new logo, branding and merchandise, all designed by 100%’s Art Director, Yinchel Fyon Tang, in collaboration with design studio 27-b. The interaction design was developed by Joes Koppers at Use Media and the entire project was managed by 100%’s Producer, Charlotte Brugman.