Chelsea UK announce the addition of director Goh Iromoto to the roster for his first-ever UK representation. 

Born to immigrant parents who founded a Japanese Canadian newspaper company, Iromoto traveled across the vast country of Canada and cultivated his sense of curiosity from a young age.

Speaking of himself and joining the team, Iromoto explains: "As an individual and filmmaker, I’m someone who greatly values a sense of connection and empathy with who I surround myself with. Be it friends, relationships, creative collaborators, and of course, those who I partner with in representing me. It’s become important to not only have those who can relate to the sense of humanity I aspire towards in my work, but also those that I can go through the journey of film production with a sense of modesty, humility, growth, and certainly, laughter.” 

He continues, “Everyone I met at Chelsea UK from the beginning, their reps, owners and creative team leaders - have been nothing but gracious, kind and supportive.”

Iromoto graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.A. in Human Geography which further deepened his understanding and awareness of the diverse intricacies and nuances of human connection. Today, Iromoto focuses on filmmaking that stems from a place of empathy at its core, combined with his love of cinematography to create thoughtful and beautiful visual stories.

“When I first watched Goh’s extraordinary films they resonated so deeply with me.” Chelsea UK Head of Sales Mel Fong exclaims, “His work is very personal yet talks to everyone. He has an amazingly broad and humanistic background which is clearly woven through all his work. I am extremely proud to be repping Goh and I can’t wait to see him make his mark here.”

Repped by Sanctuary in the US and Steam in Canada, Iromoto has created visually stunning and impactful work for clients such as P&G, Toyota, Tim Horton’s, Canada Goose and Sapporo to name a few. His most recent work for P&G, The Name beautifully calls attention to and elevates the importance of a name and how meaningful gestures, like pronunciation and understanding its meaning, can create a greater sense of belonging for us all.

Chelsea UK Executive Producer Nell Jordan adds, "We are thrilled to have Goh on the Chelsea UK roster. He has an incredible ability to tell stories on a relatable, human level while bringing his very personal aesthetic to every project. We are so excited to introduce him and his breathtaking work to the UK market.”

Iromoto’s repertoire of work includes short films such as The Canoe and The Wonder which have earned him many acknowledgements. The Canoe captures the human connection and bond created by Canada’s well-known craft & symbol, the canoe. The Wonder is a reflective journey exploring the human sense of awe and wonder amidst the landscape and wildlife of Kenya. Iromoto’s shorts have been chosen as official selections in National Geographic's Short Film Showcase and festivals such as Banff Mountain, Whistler and Doclands Documentary Film Festival. A multitude of Iromoto’s films have also been chosen as Vimeo Staff Picks.

Iromoto’s inspiration for his work culminates from many places, “On top of this, I already deeply admired the team of directors and filmmakers that were on the Chelsea roster, Stacy Peralta in particular was a massive influence in my earlier inspiration in documentary work.” 

He continues, “So I’m incredibly honoured and excited to be joining the roster and look forward to seeing what may come of our new found partnership.