When was the last time you saw the world in a new light? With this thought-provoking question, the South Korean premium car brand Genesis and their lead creative agency Innocean Berlin team up to launch the new all-electric GV60.  

“We aimed to create a campaign that not only marked our entry into the electric market, but also highlighted the brand’s values. Respecting people’s time is an essential part of the Genesis brand. In this campaign, we celebrate how people chose to spend it with an art and light installation, all powered by the GV60 itself.” - Dominic Chambers, Head of Marketing and Communications, Genesis Motor Europe.

The film, directed by Salomon Ligthelm, works as the campaign's centerpiece, and stars the British multi-media artist and technologist, Jason Bruges. It’s a mesmerising story inspired by the Genesis Power Lines where Jason puts the GV60 and its electric capabilities to the test, by powering a custom-made art installation made of multiple laser beams stretching across an enchanted Portuguese forest. A dome-shaped 12m wide laser installation is the final act of Jason’s creation. The original music by Emmit Fenn reinforces the serene and contemplative aspect of the brand.  

“I always strive to create a connection between the object and its setting. With the GV60, I didn’t have to look very far for something that triggered the process. The car’s design and power lines are really noticeable and distinct, so I aimed to create something visually stunning to match this new, remarkable EV. The laser installation itself was inspired by the geometric shape of the car’s unique crystal sphere.” says Jason Bruges.

Genesis – Genesis GV60

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An online documentary gives people a chance to dive deeper into Jason’s world and learn about his creative process, his inspirations and what it takes to generate an installation like the one displayed in the main film.   

Art and light are reoccurring themes in the campaign. The Genesis studios in London, Munich and Zurich will display the new GV60 in the middle of a parallel kinetic light installation created by the Spanish artist collective Playmodes. This unique interactive installation invites studio visitors to partake in changing the digital art canvas surrounding the new electric car.  
“As a collective we love to play with formats and collaborate with different people. With the GV60 studio installation, we wanted to make the visitors an integral part of the process. The thought behind the art installation is to reinforce the brand association with technology and aesthetics. Therefore, we give people the chance to see the world in a new light at their own pace and speed, by controlling the art canvas.” Playmodes comments.

 The campaign expands into print, digital, and out-of-home, with imagery created by the French fine arts photographer and director Damien de Blinkk.  

“This is our third campaign with Genesis. And the most ambitious yet. By mixing art, technology, and lights, we aimed to celebrate our step into the EV world without talking common place. We hope to show consumers out there the luxury of one’s time and the great things you can achieve with Genesis.” said Gabriel Mattar, European Chief Creative Officer, Innocean Berlin.