Award-winning director Kat Keene has signed with DOMO for commercial representation. 

Keene specialises in elevating the human experience into something stylish, visually stunning, and deeply felt. Her diverse body of work across commercials, music videos, television, and video journalism bears the mark of her daring sincerity and voracious drive.

Guided by truth and integrity, Keene is a highly conceptual filmmaker who has an intuitive ability to hone in on the marrow of the moment. Her work pairs striking tableaux with raw moments and a high level of textured imagery.

From the moment Keene first picked up a camera as a teenager in North Carolina, she has been guided by a passion for the world and its inhabitants. Her work for outlets including National Geographic, The Guardian, MTV, and The New York Times beautifully expresses her signature skill set of captivating audiences with rich characters and immersive worlds.

Today, global brands seek Keene out for her distinctive voice and her unique ability to elicit emotionally nuanced performances hand in hand with evocative visuals. She captured the adrenaline and zen of high-altitude rock climbers in Facebook’s Calm and infused an Amazon factory with bubbling personality for The Bottle. Other brand collaborations include CVS, Academy Sports, Chase, Chick-fil-A, Verizon, and Lincoln. Her work has been awarded by Cannes Lions, the Clios, the Effies, the Smarties, the Shorty Awards, and the Young Director Awards.

Keene says of her approach, “My work as a director is defined by who I am as a human. I immerse myself in research, characters, and worlds to unearth the essential truth of a story and the unexpected heartbeat that will bring it home. What’s the unique or universal feeling that will resonate, and how can I communicate that in a way that lingers? I want to be a force in this world that opens hearts and connects us to each other. DOMO shares these values, and it’s an honour to join the ranks of such a diverse and talented roster of artists.”

“She’s right at home with all that we do and all that we represent,” remarks Rani Melendez, DOMO’s Managing Partner and EP. He adds, “Kat is unendingly curious and brings copious amounts of energy. She embodies the collaborative spirit of DOMO and has a hunger for story, which makes her an obvious fit for us. The way she can marry cinematic quality while keeping everything unforced allows her to capture lightning in a bottle every time. We’re excited to have her with us and look forward to amplifying her incredible voice.”