After failing miserably as a magician, a goalkeeper and as a drummer, all of which is true, Richard Pengelley found telling stories through a viewfinder his true calling.

Pengelley's keen eye for performance with actors and non-actors, his comedy bones and a cinematic approach to his work, makes him a rare breed of director, combining nuanced performance direction, striking visuals along with a deft comedic touch.

Along the way, he flexed his comedy muscles directing four seasons of the award-winning comedy series, Crackanory. He worked with Bafta award winning Sharon Horgan on the comedy short The Rug for SKY. He also directed the mini-series Wallstud for Channel 4 starring the multi award winning Sam Simmons.

His recent Road Safety Drive Like Gran’s In The Car adverts won a GOLD and a CHAIR Award at The Drum Roses Awards 2020.

“We have had our eye on Richard for a while now, from his sketch show days right through to directing commercials. He has worked with the best comedians in the UK and always delivers a witty and slightly macabre performance. His latest work for Road Safety Scotland is absolutely brilliant, and encapsulates what we’re all about at Fat Lemon.” - Cabell Hopkins

Emma Scott is an exciting and emerging London based director. Known for her design-trained eye and forthright approach, she brings a combination of honesty and sharp aesthetics to her work. Her films challenge preconceptions and focus on real human stories by featuring people who are not generally represented in the widespread media. 

She has already made a mark with some bold campaigns for Vodafone, Samsung, FIFA, McLaren & W-Series.

“Emma has been coming through the ranks with some really striking work in sport and automotive, and has built up a strong pedigree for this stage in her career. Having worked as a creative director before turning her hand to directing, she has an eye for detail and an authority that belies her age. We are excited to help her to the next stage.” - Jane Bolton