Award-winning LA-based creative studio SixTwentySix announces the exciting addition of dynamic directing duo Plummer/Strauss to its esteemed roster of talents. 

Hailing from the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, Justin "the Plummer" and Martin "the Strauss," bring an unparalleled creative vision and a wealth of imaginative, bold storytelling experience to the SixTwentySix family.

Earning widespread praise for their work's unique creative vision, Plummer/Strauss has garnered acclaim for their distinctive aesthetic, characterised by calculated camera moves, stylised lighting, and the creation of unique characters set in whimsical worlds. The filmmaking duo has left an indelible mark through collaborations with a lauded list of renowned brands such as Home Depot, Jim Beam, United Nations, Ralph Lauren, and Ben & Jerry’s. Their commercials have earned prestigious recognition, including accolades from the Cannes Young Director Awards, Shoot Magazine’s New Directors Showcase, and various festivals and forums.

Having chosen the moniker Plummer/Strauss right out of college, the directors jestingly admit to unintentionally sounding more like a law firm than a creative powerhouse. However, their work speaks volumes, often described as cinematic visual storytelling with calculated camera work and a touch of levity.

In joining SixTwentySix, Justin Plummer and Martin Strauss jointly express their enthusiasm for the collaboration. Plummer shares, “As soon as we met the SixTwentySix family, we clicked over our shared enthusiasm for the craft. They understood our aesthetic, our process, and the attention to detail it requires.”

Strauss echoes his partner’s sentiment, saying, “SixTwentySix is in a position to handle both the present and future of the industry; we’re excited to be with them for the ride and to push our work further with a creative powerhouse that's been growing, year after year.”

Together, Jake Krask, Managing Director and Partner and Austin Barbera, Executive Producer and Partner at SixTwentySix express their excitement about the new partnership, stating, "We're thrilled to welcome Plummer/Strauss to our dynamic team of creatives. Their unique blend of impactful, innovative, and whimsical storytelling perfectly embodies our mission. Beyond their exceptional talent, as collaborators, they're a natural fit with our team's spirit. Together, we're eager to push creative boundaries and deliver profoundly impactful stories to our clients."

Most recently, Plummer/Strauss embarked on a global journey to scout unique locations for its next project, shaping the visual narrative for their upcoming work with Salesforce. Currently in post-production, the film captures the essence of Tokyo, São Paulo, and San Francisco, harnessing the distinctive architectural and design styles of each city.