Production company Spears & Arrows, led by Founder/Managing Director Jason Wolk, has signed international Director Daniel Börjesson

“We are very excited to have Daniel join us,” said Wolk. “He is a global, world-class filmmaker who uses a very purposeful and fine balance of dynamic camera movement, poetic imagery, and intimate performances to push the auto genre into the realm of truly compelling storytelling. 

His films are the kind of visual poetry that creates worlds, and yet are always grounded by the unique and engaging actors that he casts and the genuine performances that he draws from them. And, when you combine that with his background in visual effects, you have a singular director with a command of all of the tools necessary to realise his and his client’s vision, no matter the scope.”

Swedish born Börjesson began directing while attending film school in Los Angeles. After graduation, he worked his way up through the business, in the US and in Sweden, as an Assistant Editor, Assistant Director, and Producer before crossing over to directing. 

Since then, Börjesson’s work as earned numerous international awards for clients and artists such as BMW, Porsche, Volvo, Chevrolet, Kylie Minogue, Coca-Cola, Giorgio Moroder, and Scandinavian Airlines.

“Coming up through the crew ranks and working as a Producer has been a great help to me as a director, Börjesson said. “Because, as a storyteller, the concept and the idea always come first, but the budget cannot be ignored, especially in today’s competitive market. So, when I approach a new project, I dream big but I always have a plan for how I’m going to achieve that dream within the time and money available. Most often, I find those constraints to be great catalysts for creativity.”