Creative studio, Optical Arts has launched to bring different disciplines within film and print together to create truly unique projects for their clients.

The studio, led by Director Dan Tobin Smith, also works with external talent such as architects, typographers and designers and aims to push the boundaries of what is possible both in-camera, CGI and 2D post by using innovative and very experimental techniques in each area.

The in house team consists of Dan Tobin Smith, Photographer and Director, Fabrice le Nezet, Director, Motion Designer and Special effects supervisor, Joe Jackson, Photographer, Director and designer, Miguel Wratten, Flame op and VFX supervisor and Martin Pryor, designer, stills retoucher, and colourist.

The aim of the studio is to create a rich vein of work, pulling on diverse and far ranging subjects and to communicate complex ideas and narratives in a beautiful and engaging way.

Founder, Dan Tobin Smith comments, ‘We want to present work in a diverse range of mediums, from online to installation, in education, exhibition and print. We want to partner with agencies and brands to create truly ground-breaking work’

He further comments, ‘In addition to seeking out inspiration from outside the industries traditional channels, we want to explore further afield and bring inspiration from music, art, non-populist culture etc to our clients. We also want to tackle challenging and important subject matters and ensure we are constantly pushing ourselves. The company will be obliged to give away 10% of all profits to highly effective charitable causes through giving what we can and use our creative capabilities to make a real and positive difference in the world, as well as supporting industry initiatives to help increase diversity and support emerging talent coming up.’