CoMPANY Films has signed director Chris Fowles, marking the British director’s first representation in the U.S.

The announcement was made by CoMPANY EPs Ron Cicero and Richard Goldstein. Fowles is best known in the UK for his poignant storytelling for Google, Land Rover, Xbox and the Alzheimers Society.

“I came across Chris's work and felt it showed a really sophisticated approach to storytelling,” says Cicero. “His spot for Xbox, Beyond Generations, was a solid idea clearly elevated by the filmmaker. As Richard and I expand CoMPANY’s offerings, Chris represents an exciting opportunity to dive more into the worlds of emotional storytelling, big visuals and even automotive, worlds in which we’ve shared prior success.”

Adds Fowles, “I’d been following CoMPANY for a while before Ron reached out to me. After a few calls it was clear to me that he and Richard really understand my work. Simple stories that resonate with people. Being represented in the U.S. market is a big step in any director’s career, so this is a huge time for me. CoMPANY is a unique place with great reputation. A rare boutique that doesn’t have a million names on it, every director has a specific place.”

Fowles started his filmmaking career doing documentary style work before shifting into commercials and promos. He feels it was his psychological bent that brought him great insight into storytelling. “I studied psychology for a few years, having always been fascinated by human emotions and behaviour, about why we think and feel the way we do,” says Fowles. “My work can be traced back to a core emotion or motivation. Once I’ve found that anchor, everything becomes clear, how the actors should move, where the camera should be.”

One of Fowles compelling spots, Pride in London, features a lesbian couple debating whether or not to frequent a nightclub, not because of fear of COVID, but because of the fear of being harassed. “When you can’t tell if it’s an actor or a real person, you’ve done a pretty good job,” comments Fowles. “I used actors, yes, but they are also a real couple. This was so important to me, having to believe their humour, chemistry and shared pain.”

In an uplifting spot for Diabetes UK, Fowles shows the daily ups and downs of diabetics balancing daily living while managing the chronic condition. “I started working with real people, understanding their stories, then moved into traditional casting. There’s a line a director walks between truth and performance. It’s a delicate balance, but when you get it right, it’s really impactful. I love working with creatives to help tease these moments out in a natural way when writing a treatment.”