Berlin-based director Mario Clement has joined the roster of Chromista’s revered directorial talent. 

With work ranging from commercials to documentaries, portrait films, and music videos, the award-winning director’s films are packed with emotional depth and refined visuals.

Clement has won Bronze at Cannes Lions for his work with Audi and the film Mission to the Moon - Part Time Scientists, and a Silver Stevie at the German Stevie Awards for the Red Bull ad REMADE.

His additional commercial collaborations include top brands like BMW, Volkswagen, Adidas, Nike, and Oakley. He has created sophisticated and memorable music videos for popular German artists as well as international talent like David Guetta, James Arthur, Lena, and Casper.

A testament to his passion for filmmaking and curiosity about new frontiers in creative expression, Clement is the creative director for the German startup CHAPTR, a company harnessing artificial intelligence in synthetic media.

During his tenure at CHAPTR, he immersed himself in the field for six months, aggregating data and delving into AI-based storytelling.

Clement says of joining Chromista: "I am thrilled and honored to embark on this American journey with some of my absolute cinematic heroes. At Chromista, creativity thrives on empathy, trust, and deep human connections. Their taste in visual and narrative artistry and appetite for innovation is a wonderful energy to be around. This is deeply personal to me, and I can’t wait for what’s to come.“

Jeff Baron, Managing Director and Partner of Chromista, adds: “Mario’s films are uniformly captivating. Whether bombastic and visually exciting or intimate and deep, he has a unique style and an eye for extracting moments from the mundane. We’re thrilled to welcome him aboard Chromista and can’t wait to see what he creates next.”