The CDDP’s mission is to foster awareness and increase directing opportunities for women and other under-represented directors in the commercial production industry through a targeted program of outreach, mentorship, and exposure. 

The program – which will last six months –  works to pair unsigned directors with AICP member production companies.  In addition to receiving a grant to create a spec commercial, the program includes an industry showcase of the directors’ work, workshops specific to the intricacies of the ad world, mentoring and shadowing with commercial production companies, networking and more.

Out of over 300 applicants, this year’s fellows were selected from among finalists, who are: Aemilia Scott, Brian L Tan “BLT”, Camilla Hall, Dina Mande, Elizabeth Lippman, Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, Erin Brown Thoms, Husein Alicajic, Jen McGowan, Jose Ho-Guanipa, Krysten Resnick, Lee Davis, LeRon Lee, Liv Colliander, Maya Washington, Michael McGhie, Mitchel Dumlao, Patrick “Praheme” Ricks, Pedro Bermudez, Princess Monique, Reynier Molenaar, Ryan Brown, Sharon Everitt, Sherwin Shilati, Stacey Muhammad, Suha Araj, Tamer Shaaban and Tiffany Frances Huang.

Last year the program launched six Fellows: Maya Albanese, Erica Eng, Kryzz Gautier, Monty Marsh, Tamika Miller and Gabrielle Paciorek.  Five of these fellows were signed to commercial production companies while one chose to remain freelance.

For information on the program and how & when to apply visit:

Created by the AICP and the Directors Guild of America (DGA), the CDDP reflects the commitment of both organizations to increase representation of women and other under-represented groups in the commercial directing ranks.