LA-based colourist, Bree Brackett has joined Carbon’s growing roster of colourists at the ready to work with clients across studios in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, as well as remote connections worldwide. 

“We’re building a team of exceptional colourists at Carbon, bringing instinct and experience to a client’s vision to create outstanding work,” explains the studio’s Executive Producer for Colour, Laurie Adrianopoli. “Bree's ability to truly collaborate and hone in on what clients want directionally for colour is unmatched. I’m incredibly excited for her talent and dedication to be in the room with our agency, brand, and director clients. She’s a true partner who genuinely loves collaborating.”

An Alabama native, artistry and filmmaking have been a constant in Brackett’s life. From a photography darkroom to working as a DP’s camera assist in New Orleans, she then moved to NY to work as a VFX producer at Carbon before falling in love with colour and relocating to LA. While Brackett breaks the mould in her career path to colourist, collaboration and creativity have been the thread throughout. 

“I’m so thankful for all the artists and producers I’m around all day at Carbon,” she says. “They have been a massive support and positive environment to grow in as I moved from colour assist to the colourist chair I am so proud to be in today! In our industry, there are so many talented colourists making an impact and bringing fresh energy and vision to the scene. I’m so happy to be a part of this new wave.”

In addition to commercials work, Brackett has coloured music videos for the likes of Tinashe, Clipping, and Nicole Kiki Jaffe. Many of the short films she’s crafted the look for have screened across the film festival circuit, including You're Family Now, winner of the Best Horror Short at last year’s Venice Film Festival.

The incredible creative partnership Brackett brings to every project has already seen her build lasting relationships with directors such as Christian Weber, Sarah C Prinz, Mason Thorne, Ryan Mack, and Kendall Goldberg. “What I’ve learned about being an artist is that the most important thing we have to offer is ourselves. I love interpreting a creative idea and helping my teammates and clients on their journey. I want to make things beautiful and get everyone excited about all the hard work they put into realizing their vision. Colour is where a project moves from offline to taking on its own unique life. I feel incredibly lucky to share that moment with clients, before the project goes out into the world.”

“These are very exciting times for our colour team and for what we’re offering our clients with talent like Bree,” ends Adrianopoli. “We have even more colour news in the works at Carbon, so watch this space!”