BRAZIL: Joanna Monteiro, CCO, FCB Brazil

Nivea, Binoculars

Nivea Sun and FCB already have a tradition of creating campaigns that build Nivea’s reputation for protecting against skin cancer. Following Bracelet and Doll, Nivea has developed binoculars that use image processing to detect, in real time, if skin is fully protected. It uses several technologies – filters, an adapted camera and a VR headset with an app that creates colour adjustments in real-time. It’s a case of Nivea using technology to connect to people emotionally.

Leica, The Hunt

This beautifully crafted short film, which Leica now claims wasn’t ‘officially commissioned’, was inspired by stories of photojournalists who have gone out of their way to reveal the truth.

Nike, The Brazilian Team

To mark the 100th anniversary of the first Copa America hosted by Brazil, Nike, with W+K São Paulo and CBF launched a series of illustrated collectable cards, with retro design featuring top Brazilian players. Well executed. 

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Above, left to right: Binoculars, The Hunt

ARGENTINA: Nico Buris, EP, Rabagast South America

Nissan, Alarm Clock

Despite not being through an Argentinian agency, this global campaign was shot in Argentinean Patagonia by Nico Kasakoff for Landia. I chose it because of the beautiful locations, accurate and inspiring direction and impressive photography. Argentina provides different climates and unforgettable landscapes. It’s also an A-list shooting destination because of its multi-ethnic casting. 

HSBC, Desautomaticemos El Acoso (Harassing ATMs)

This innovative work raises awareness of how women have to deal with harassment on a daily basis. The ATM delivers typical masculine responses when women say ‘no’ to them. The idea is to show people’s reactions to an ATM contradicting them and draws parallels to what women experience when a ‘no’ is not understood or respected. After winning a Cannes Lion in 2016 with Manboobs, the agency DAVID and production company Landia teamed up again for this social awareness campaign.

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Above, left to right: Alarm Clock, Desautomatizar El Acoso