Agency Camp + King announce that they have promoted Katie Burleson to Sr. Art Director and Justin Marimon to Senior 3D Artist in recognition for their outstanding contributions to the team.

Katie Burleson is being promoted to Sr. Art Director from Art Director. For the past 4 years, Burleson has used visual storytelling to pull on the heartstrings of strangers, whether it’s in international galleries, or for brands like Cesar Dog Food, Wells Fargo, Papa Johns, and RE/MAX. When she’s not wielding her creative prowess at work, she is currently working on ways to merge a new surfing hobby with her studio art.

Founder and CCO Roger Camp says, "Katie is a powerhouse art director who wields her keen sense of design and aesthetic prowess like a prize fighter uses a stiff left jab. Whether it’s choosing fonts, kerning, or photographic and editorial mastery… what she’s actually doing is sizing up her assignments, and methodically chipping away at them, until she sees the opportunity to decimate them with a furious roundhouse punch of conceptual creativity. There’s not an assignment I could throw at Katie that she can’t crush so I can’t imagine any more worthy of being promoted to Senior Art Director. In fact, I pity the fool that dares mess with this creative superstar.”

Of her promotion, Burleson says, “Since my first day at Camp + King I’ve felt lucky to be at an agency that prioritises heart, creativity, and a good laugh! Better yet, I’ve been surrounded by great people who have helped me grow so much.”

Justin Marimon is being promoted to Senior 3D Artist from Motion Graphics Artist. Marimon prides himself on being a multi-disciplinary designer, animator, and a lifetime-student of his craft. He started his career as a graphic designer with a passion for commercial photography and has since expanded his skillset to include CGI motion graphics as well as VFX and compositing. When art directors present groundbreaking concepts, Marimon aims to be the artist that can make it a reality, regardless of the toolset required. 

On Marimon's promotion, Director of Production Garrett DeLorm shares, “If you can dream it, Justin will find a way to bring it to life, and make it even more remarkable than you had anticipated. He’s a multi-disciplinary tour de force, a hybrid motion graphics/3D artist, creative technologist, and human dynamo, and an integral part of our Content Labs maker studio. As we step further into different avenues of storytelling, and the role of tech-driven creativity evolves, the importance of his future-forward skillset will only continue to grow.”

“I started at Camp + King as a 2D visual designer with aspirations of learning animation.” says Marimon. “At every turn, they've supported my learning, growth, and constant exploration into new mediums. I'm excited by the work we're able to produce for our clients and deeply appreciative of this promotion."