Established in 2016, Bipolar Studio catapulted their desire to bring concepts to life. 

In 2018, they began creating CG/VFX content, only to win the Best CGI at the 2019 AICP awards for their work with Porsche. This impressive leap, from an idea to a triumphant result, is something the studio promises to fulfil for itself, as well as for their clients.

They pride themselves on the highest form of photoreal generation. Every film coming out of the studio is entirely generated from scratch. Great photoreal work is generally never noticed, so sometimes you have to let people know what they're looking at is built not shot.

Bipolar Studio is a young nimble company with excellent capabilities and spectacular growth. 

Attention to detail is redefined through their process, as they obsessively build worlds. It’s no surprise then, that their client list includes major companies like Google, Ford and MINI.

With an inspired point of view and an award-winning foundation, there’s no telling what Bipolar will accomplish next, but Curate Films is thrilled to have them on board.

Curate Films represents Bipolar in the UK and Europe.