Animated design studio ATKPLN has hooked another one, keeping producer extraordinaire Justin Skerpan on the line with a recent promotion to Senior Producer. 

From the day he joined Reel FX’s commercial division as a Production Assistant in 2014, visions of budgets, schedules and treatments danced in his head like sugarplums, and within six months he was managing the division’s CG department (or so he claims). Always eager to get under the hood of the animation, VFX and design process, Skerpan has consistently dissected the craft driving the work he produces. Like a small child relentlessly spouting “why’s” at every comment, his quest for enlightenment has resulted in a continuous evolution alongside rapid industry momentum. 

“I’ll say something really smart and interesting after I finish this meeting,” notes Skerpan. (He may still be in said meeting.)

Adds ATKPLN Executive Creative Director Danny DelPurgatorio, “For a while, I didn’t actually even know he worked here, but he kept showing up to meetings and eventually I realized that he could do stuff to help us do our work better. I’m still not entirely sure what he does, though.”

After four years with Reel FX’s commercial division, Skerpan shifted with the rebrand in 2018 to join ATKPLN and has unapologetically vibed with the acronym-that's-not-an-acronym energy since. He keeps the trains running on projects of all scopes, including ones for non-locomotive clients such as Mercedes, Paramount, PepsiCo, Oncor and countless (ok, we just didn’t feel like counting) more.

When Skerpan is not keeping an endless flow of communication moving between teams of artists and clients, he can be found catching a live game of one of his favourite sportsball teams or spending time with his wife and dogs.