Back in the Autumn of 2021, Arts & Sciences welcomed The Bobbsey Twins from Homicide to their London roster. 

However with these guys, a stock announcement to the trades wasn’t on the cards. Instead, while the Directors got straight to work shooting back to back campaigns with some of their favourite agencies, the Arts & Sciences team were busy cooking up something a little bit special to let the world know that The Bobbseys had a new home…

With a unique twist, they commissioned the services of legendary Hollywood film-poster illustrator Steve Chorney to help them encapsulate the team’s adventurous, cinematic style. With Chorney’s help they created a movie poster that presented highlights of the duo’s body of work as if they were moments in a mythical 1980’s action flick named after the Twins. In recent weeks the pasteboard promo posters started popping up on hoardings around London, and prints began landing on peoples’ desks at agencies across town.

Steve Chorney has designed and illustrated over 120 posters for all the top Hollywood studios. Most recently he designed the iconic poster for Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and other projects in the past include License to Kill, Miami Vice, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Inherent Vice.

“Working with Steve was like working with an Old Master,” says James Bland, Executive Producer at Arts & Sciences. “An Old Master who specialises in explosions. So much of The Bobbsey Twins’ work stands out for its memorable characters and its cinematic aesthetic. Steve’s artwork brilliantly captures those elements as well as the Twins sense of humour and felt like a really unique way to welcome them to the Arts & Sciences family.” 

The Bobbsey Twins add, “Yeah, it kinda looks like us, I guess.” 

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The poster features The Bobbsey Twins, Tim and Freddy, channeling their “kick-ass-first-and-take-names-later” approach to life. Snapshots of iconic characters and moments from their body of work surround the guys. The execution serves as an illustrated version of the directors’ reel. 

On the signing of The Bobbsey Twins, James Bland says, “We’re delighted to have Tim and Freddy on the London roster, and we’re looking forward to adding even more iconic characters to their already impressive menagerie. Some of which you will see very soon”.