Bicoastal production company ArtClass has signed Director Shahana Khan to its roster. 

With a diverse filmmaking background spanning live-action, creative direction, and VFX, Khan brings a multidisciplinary perspective as a director. 

"Shahana is a creative powerhouse with a distinct filmmaking style that we immediately gravitated to when we saw her work," says Geno Imbriale, Executive Producer & Partner at ArtClass. "She's passionate, unconventional, collaborative, and extremely well-versed in the craft of visual storytelling across all disciplines, all of which complements the creative spirit of ArtClass." 

Known for creating abstract narratives with an emphasis on iconic visuals, performance, and a strong attention to aesthetics, Khan’s visual style is best expressed in her recent music video work for Kingdom, Maluca, Micah James, and Poolside, which has garnered acclaim in Paper Magazine, Teen Vogue, Pitchfork, and Jezebel.

“Through sensuality, be it sometimes humorous, I am interested in creating cinematic imagery that provokes and subverts expectations,” says Khan. “This sort of augmentation of reality is also carried into the post side of my work, through color, atmospheric effects, and shaping of light and composition.”

Khan is currently producing and directing short-form work, including a visual narrative that experiments with robotics, technology, and dance, as well as a piece that focuses on performance as death in locations around Los Angeles. Additionally, she has a feature documentary in development. 

During her wide-ranging career in entertainment and advertising, Khan has held tenures at ElasticPsyop, a52, Mac Guff, and Digital Domain. Her filmography includes David Fincher's Oscar Award-winning film, The Social Network, for which she was a visual effects supervisor. Her creative imprint can also be seen in the Emmy-nominated opening titles for Daredevil and the final season of Game of Thrones which won top honors. Her commercial credits include campaigns for Adidas, Levi’s, Amex, Coca-Cola, Verizon, Honda, Panasonic, and, most recently, Nike's acclaimed Dream Crazy spot. 

“I love ArtClass' objective, where the quality of work comes first,” concludes Khan. “For me, that’s everything. There are so many different forms of content now that allow space for diverse voices, and ArtClass’ incentive to support both passion projects, as well as commercial endeavors, makes it exactly where I want to be.”