Our Earth’s temperature is rising, our oceans are warming and our ice is melting. News to nobody, right? But what does that mean for the future of our home and every living being in it? 

With the need to take action against climate change greater than ever, NERD’s Sharon Liu shares her concern and passion for the environment through two heart-warming spots for The Climate Coalition’s #ShowTheLove campaign.

Did you notice the difference in weather this winter?

Sharon Liu commented, “The Climate Coalition’s Show The Love campaign aims to encourage people to take action to protect the things they love from climate change. As an Animation Director, I feel that it is my job is to highlight important issues, which includes the effects of global warming, and bring this to the attention of global audiences through powerful animation. The films were crafted to bring the message closer to home, to your back garden to be precise and to appeal to all ages, especially to the younger generations, as they are the ones who will suffer the consequences of our actions today in the future.”

Sharon’s first spot for The Climate Coalition was based on the personified story of Sammy the Snowman, who is noticing many new floral and feathery friends this winter, but he knows they’re not supposed to sprout until Spring.

Through Sharon’s traditionally hand-drawn techniques, the voice of Liam Gallagher tells us the story of Sammy, which due to the change in temperature and therefore the early melting of our snow, comes to an end much sooner than expected.

“I started by designing the style frames. I carefully thought about every line, colour and technique as I needed on artwork to get as close as possible to how I saw things in my imagination. Once I had the designs working as still images, I had a clearer idea of how the finished animation would look and come together. I usually make a rough motion test and plan all the scenes with a storyboard before starting the final stage of animation.”

Sequel to The Very Hot Snowman, Love Your Home was set in Spring time in a British country garden.

This time the narrative focuses on our main character of the bird, who was an element to our story in our first film. The bird plays a large part in portraying the desperate message of climate change in both of these spots.

The Climate Coalition – Rosie Robin

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After previously settling into her habitat early in the snow, the bird, who now has two chicks, is faced with torrential storms and flooding in Love Your Home and as a result, loses her safe and cosy home and can no longer protect her offspring. But there is hope, much like there is for change and the underlying message to “love your home” is interpreted through the visual metaphor of the help that they receive from other animals.

“It was a privilege to make something for an important cause. I love to use my skills to support and raise awareness about hugely important societal issues and causes that affect us all today, tomorrow and for many years to come. Animation is a great tool to deliver such messages; it can simplify all the scary facts by condensing them into an engaging and easily digestible form. I’d like to believe we can still protect the things we love from climate change if we act together now.”

How can you make a change? To read more about the #ShowTheLove campaign or learn how we as individuals can contribute to the safe future of our home, visit