Sibling Films announces the addition of Angie Su to its roster of directors.

Born in China and based in LA, Su’s work aims to “transcend conventional storytelling” to create a multi-sensory “contemporary visual poem that captures the intricacies of identity and self-discovery,” she says.

Su’s appointment as an official part of the Sibling Rivalry Films roster follows her 2023 partnership with the production company as part of the Commercial Directors Diversity Program.

Balancing sensitive storytelling skills with visual effects artistry, Su’s highly distinctive unconventional filmmaking style has seen her work with internationally renowned brands and artists such as Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Huawei, Vivo, cellist Lynn Harrell, Chinese singer, songwriter, and actress Chris Lee, and Chinese actress and singer Zi Yang, to name a few.

Her film work often moves beyond the visual into technologically oriented immersive installations that incorporate multi-sensorial, futuristic elements, enveloping the viewer in innovative new ways: Su’s experimental short film The Sun utilises the sense of smell to create unique sensations for the audience throughout the viewing process.

In terms of commercial work, Su predicts that the future of TV ad spots will be far more driven by emotion, and in the age of skippable videos and ad blockers, the format certainly needs a shakeup. “I think commercials are going to be much more experience-oriented: they’ll evolve to be not only visual but tap into other senses too,” says Su. “My goal is to make a TV commercial that’s totally immersive; tapping into the possibilities of tech in a way that’s really interesting and allows for a truly emotional individual experience.

She continues: “I always want to try something different and move away from the typical approaches to narrating a story. Inviting technology into the process to access multiple senses is configured into my philosophy and even the aesthetics of my characters – and that’s definitely possible, even within the constraints of a TV spot.”

Darren Foldes, Partner and Managing Director at Sibling Films, says: “Angie loves starting with a simple, yet intriguing concept and weaving in her signature bold vision. She is well equipped to turn good into great and great into extraordinary. The rich imagery she creates and her boundless imagination will be imprinted in your memory.”