Director Andrea Jade Colomb (AJ), who started her career as a runner at RSA Films, has directed work for clients including Barclays, e-Bay,, Nivea, Phillips, and T-Mobile, and a few more in-between.

After running at RSA, Colomb made behind the scenes films and assisted directors both on and off set, developing her skill set and working on creating her own films.

In 2017, Colomb won the prestigious YDA for her self-made alternative travel guide Visit Iceland. The comedy short showcased lightness, humour, and Colomb’s skill for capturing the human experience, themes that her work has since become known for.

“I’m so excited to welcome AJ to RSA, although in some ways it feels like she’s returning home. I’ve long-admired AJ for her humour and bold creative. She has a great eye for casting, and above all she knows how to tell a story” Josie Juneau, Head of Advertising, RSA.

“RSA, the birthplace of my career, holds a special place in my heart. And now to come back as a director, and work alongside these incredible legends, I couldn't be prouder and more excited. In the years between now and then, I've grown as a director and honed my own comedy and visual style, something that I am beyond thrilled to bring to the table and get to making some awesome films. Josie, Kai, and my old 'tutors' back in the office, thank you for having me!” adds AJ Colomb.