Ambassadors introduces its latest venture, Ambassadors Berlin, a high-end craft studio specializing in VFX, CG, and Music Composition. 

This edgy boutique is an offspring of Ambassadors, led by award-winning talents Bas Moonen (founder/VFX Supervisor) and Rachel Tauwnaar (Music Director). Moonen and Tauwnaar's unconventional approach, combined with a unique mentality and taste, made Berlin an obvious choice.

Moonen has been at the forefront of VFX, leading teams in Amsterdam, New York and now Berlin. He has supervised award-winning projects such as G-Star RAW's Wear your Denim Till the End, 96% for Lynk & Co and BMW's The XMinded. He loves pushing for the unconventional by always looking for the most fresh and innovative approach.

Tauwnaar was behind the music for international brand campaigns such as Karl Lagerfeld, Nike, Schweppes, and Tommy Hilfiger. In 2022 she co-composed the music for G-Star RAW's The Rhythm of Denim, which snatched up nearly every award for ‘original composition’ that year.

She strives for her work to elicit profound emotional resonance. Next to a preference for juxtapositions and a tendency for diving into detail (at times, a bit too much), she revels in narrating tales with music, as she sees life as a never ending coming-of-age movie.

It all began serendipitously at Ciclope in 2022, what started as a rather hungover and arguably random hotel breakfast (which had Moonen and Tauwnaar sharing a table) resulted in the birth of Ambassadors Berlin (or at the very least, the idea of it, the details would be sussed out later).

Setting up in Berlin was not without its quirks. From a two-month saga named, ‘To Secure An Internet Connection’ to its sequel, ‘Perpetual International Furniture Logistics’ and its finale, ‘The Holy Quest of the Credit Card and its Elusive VAT Number’. They finally proved their might against the German bureaucracy, with rigorous checks to assure authorities of their legitimate intentions. Founded on the ambition to create stunning films, its essence is equally shaped by the resilience, humour, and humanity of its founders.

Six months on, Ambassadors Berlin has carved its niche, merging Moonen's refreshing VFX vision with Tauwnaar's progressive way of musical direction. It's a place where creativity and craft thrives amidst the chaos.

Next to being specialised in VFX, CG and Music, Berlin will collaborate closely with Ambassadors HQ in Amsterdam to provide a full range of creative services from Design & Animation, Grading, Sound & Music, Sonic Branding, AI Technology, and Creative Automation & Workflow.