Opportunities can present themselves at the most inopportune times. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic,the restrictions on production in various countries has led to increased conversations and greater collaboration between production firms from around the world. One result of this is a new partnership between US based production company Honor Society and Australian firm The Producers.

Honor Society and The Producers became known to each other via their membership of OWNED, the association established for female proprietors of production companies. During Covid-19 the partners connected to the compare their “new normals”. Each recognised a like-minded approach and shared values, so when discussions turned to helping each other in their respective local markets, it was a natural decision to form a collaborative partnership.

The Honor Society will now represent Directors from The Producers in the US, and vice versa. The partnership will also cover facilitation work. With each firm boasting a strong stable of accomplished Directors, clients in Australia and the US are sure to benefit from having access to a greater diversity of creative thinking.

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“Our team are thrilled to now have direct representation in the US market and we’re equally delighted to be able to promote the talents to the Honor Society’s fantastic artists,” said co-owner of The Producers Tanya Spencer.

“Australia is a market that we’ve been looking at closely for some time so the chance to team up with The Producers is all upside for us. Their team do wonderful work and The Producers are known as the go-to production company in Australia,” added Megan Kelly, founder of Honor Society.

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