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The Food & Drink Focus

From boozy branding to the power of meat-free messaging, this month's focus takes a look at, and speaks to the people behind, the consumable sector's biggest players.


Meat-free marketing: from ‘Got Milk’ to Post-Milk

There’s something suitably organic in the way vegan culture has developed. Ingredients including increased eco-awareness, improved products and the evolution of social comms, have bubbled up into a perfect plant-based stew that’s tastier than ever. So are brands leading the conversation or playing catch-up? Carol Cooper investigates.


On Reflection: Budweiser Whassup!?

Back in the year 2000, after a certain beer commercial aired, the only way to properly greet anyone was with an enthusiastic, tongue-revealing 'Whassuuuuup!? Justin Reardon, one of the creatives behind that campaign, gives us the inside track on how a TV commercial became a cultural phenomenon.


In the battle of the burgers there can only be one King

It's a war that's been waged since the mid-50s, when the two brands emerged; one fought on TV screens, in cinemas, on poster sites and phone apps. Here, Tim Cumming looks at how the 'David' of Burger King has successfully taken on the 'Goliath' of McDonald's to be seen by many as the victor in the battle of the burgers.


Throwback Thursday: Food and Drink

With February's Focus on Food and Drink, we knew that we had to dig into the archives to show you guys some fantastic work. The editorial team picked out some of their favorite taglines from the past century and collected some of the earliest advert editions of these famous slogans, jingles, and catchphrases.

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