AMV BBDO x Distance Couture

Now that we’ve downgraded from 2m to 1m, we’re all going to need that extra bit of protection. Distance Couture is a fashion collection designed to make people stay TF away from you...

AMV BBDO collaborated with a group of artists to create the range of tongue-in-cheek Print Social t-shirts: Katy Edelsten, Animationseries2000, Daniel Fishel, Leyla Reynolds, Leo Leigh represented by Somesuch, and Simon Landrein, Michaela Pichi, Marco Oggian, Dave Anderson, Paul Bower, who are all represented by Pocko. The t-shirts will drop in two batches. The first drop is available for pre-order on Print Social for the next 20 days. The next drop will launch in 10 days. All profits go straight to the NHS, via NHS Charities Together. 

“If these won’t keep people at bay, we don’t know what will. It’s basically PPE for civilians,” say Lauren Peters and Augustine Cerf, creatives at AMV BBDO, and the brains behind Distance Couture.

Don’t just stay alert. Stay TF away from each other. The first batch of t-shirts will be available at Print Social from Wednesday 24th June.

Fashion flags

Even though celebrations are cancelled, it doesn't mean that Queer Pride has waned. Coming out of the apartment after lockdown is a bit like coming out of the closet, and here to satisfy the community's need to be loud and proud, the Wear Pride Mag suggests something simple. Wear your flag! Flags in the queer community identify people, protect them, and help queer folks learn more about themselves. It's an empowering thing to have a flag that ties into an identity, and this adorable books shows off a myriad of (somewhat) practical ways to wear your pride on your sleeve. With all proceeds from sales going to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, this is a cute coffee table book that serves looks and restorative justice.  

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Apple's WWDC keynote rips Intel from their core

In an impressively produced and information-packed keynote presentation from their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (the one that focuses on software over hardware), Apple showcased some impressive updates (or old-news, for Android users), brand new features and interface redesigns users will have in store once the new OSs launch. Gizmodo produced a great rundown, but the headlines are widgets on iPhone, auto-switching on AirPods and rounded designs in Big Sur, the new macOS.

However, the biggest news for tech-heads, and saddest news for Intel, was that with upcoming Macs, the company would be using their own custom ARM-based chips in its Macs. Whilst probably not the biggest news for consumers, the info is certainly interesting for developers, who will now be able to make iOS and iPadOS apps available on Apple’s computers “without any modifications.”

Straight shooting shorts

This Thursday saw the 2020 straight 8 Shootout take to the airwaves for its live screening and results show. Due to the coronavirus lockdown this year’s competition, which usually culminates with a screening at a cinema in Cannes, was pitched as the Isolation Edition and pitted 13 companies’ super 8 films against each other. If you don’t know what straight 8 is you can find out more here but, essentially, it’s a film competition where entrants shoot a short film a on super 8 camera. Those films are completely unseen, by the makers and the straight 8 organisers, until they’re aired at the (this year, digital) event after which entrants vote on their favourite films (other than their own, of course).

"We’re so delighted that these companies rose to our challenge to this degree," said Ed Sayers, straight 8 Founder and London-based director. "All the films not only came out but were really well made. With two trophies going to well-known, respected companies in Japan, and one going to a new, small one in Barcelona, again we have proof that this concept is a global David and Goliath challenge. We can’t wait to launch the next one!”

Shoseph by Mr Positive in Tokyo, Face Me, from Yolafilmo, and Stay Tricky by Nion picked up bronze, silver and gold respectively, and you can see them alongside the other 10 films below.