New York City’s longest-running independent provider of sound and mixing services Sound Lounge has announced the appointment of Susie Shuttleworth as the Executive Producer of their commercial division.

Shuttleworth brings over two decades of experience as a content producer for high profile brands, networks and agencies including clients such as Cadillac, Samsung, Apple and Disney.

Sound Lounge and its broad array of services was the perfect lead up for Shuttleworth, whose vision for a more collaborative creative environment is now set in motion. Billed as a full-service sound destination, Sound Lounge offers mixing, recording, dialogue editing, sound design, ADR and voiceover casting services for commercial content far beyond the traditional 30-second spot.

To highlight the evolution of their offerings, Sound Lounge recently debuted a new website showcasing they are a truly multidisciplinary sound company. Featuring five distinct yet collaborative divisions, including Commercial, Film + Television, Casting, Sound Design, and the emerging Podcast, undoubtedly sets the 23-year-old studio apart. As the nature of content continues to evolve, so does this industry sound leader.

“It’s no secret that Sound Lounge has an amazing, long-standing track record as a tried and true audio partner,” explains Shuttleworth. “Our current opportunity lies in the symphony of departments and the large ensemble of brilliant sound creatives. As we continue embracing collaboration and resources between departments, the opportunities for our clients expand infinitely. I’m excited to bring this amazing group of talented and trusted artists’ skills to new, emerging media.”

In her new role as executive producer, Shuttleworth oversees the commercial production team, as well as managing client relations, growth and development for a team of five award-winning mixers. Led by industry vets Peter Holcomb and Tom Jucarone, the commercial mixing team also includes Justin Kooy, Pete Crimi and Rob Sayers.

“After weathering many storms over the years, the pandemic being the most unexpected, Sound Lounge is emerging more unified and more synergistic,” said Marshall Grupp, COO and Partner, Sound Lounge. “Susie’s leadership, fresh perspective and overall vision for the company is in sync with our newest evolution as a one-stop destination for creative production services.”

With over 20,000 square feet and a host of safety protocols, Sound Lounge’s spacious floor plan and oversized studios offer a safe, post-pandemic environment for all things audio.