Production company Rogue Films has signed London-based Director Alex Boutell, from Channel 4Creative.

Best known for his films for the Great British Bake Off, which just won a Gold at the British Arrows and the Silver Arrow winning #Vote100, celebrating 100 years since women got the vote - which he both wrote and directed; he is the latest in the long line of incredible talent that’s emerged from the C4 creative stable.

Rogue Head of Production and Partner, James Howland says:

“Alex is real talent and an original thinker, which is a very precious thing these days. He is a director who can see a creative idea from a different angle, while still holding true to its origins. That makes every opportunity exciting and I’m really looking forward to working with him.”

Channel 4 – #vote100

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Rogue Co-Founder, Charlie Crompton says:

“I first became aware of Alex when his Women’s Euros 2017 film did so well… It felt so fresh and alive. C4 Creative is such a great breeding ground for new directing talent because they pitch on such a wide variety of brilliantly creative work. 

Alex Boutell says:

“I’ve admired Rogue’s work from afar for some time now, and look forward to applying my 4Creative sensibilities with a company that has such an incredible tradition of top notch creative work and an exciting vision for its future. Plus, they have a cool name.”