Directors John O’Rourke and Reuben Gates have formed a formidable partnership within the industry and have built a stunning reel of beautiful imagery. 

Now represented by The Producers, O’Rourke and Gates are poised to showcase their talents to an even wider audience.

They share a background in still photography with a specialty in fashion and beauty, working with clients such as Witchery, Myer and L’Oreal Paris to name just a few. They’re now spreading their talents to other fields, including soon to be released work for Melbourne University.

“These guys are a great fit for us. We love their film style and you’d be hard pressed to find someone else who can make such beautiful pictures”, says Tanya Spencer of The Producers.

John and Reuben pride themselves on having a set full of laughs while getting the serious work done. Even the most discerning of clients have been won over by their approach and processes.

“All it took was one coffee and we knew we’d found the perfect people to work with! We’re looking forward to taking the aesthetic we’ve created with our beauty and fashion work into more wider commercial genres and having the backing of such an experienced team to make it happen.  We’ve long admired the work The Producers have done and are very humbled to be listed alongside their roster of talented directors.” Says John O’Rourke

Victoria Conners adds “As a kicker for our clients John and Reuben also can do the shoot stills while on the video set which is a great use of resources and perfect for making sure all imagery is aligned”, adds Tanya.