The LA-based, defiantly nonconformist, multi-discipline production company Ruffian has signed French director David Bertram to their expressive roster of talent.

Bertram brings his innate gift for textured storytelling to the US market. After attending art school, he entered the world of advertising, working for more than a decade as a creative in Paris before becoming a director. Now, his reel is rife with profound artistry and evocative cinematography, as he makes every second and every frame count throughout his powerful, thought-provoking films. Bertram consistently works to elevate the human element to drive the storyline, which imbues his films with a sense of continuous unfolding.

His most recent music video for the electronic duo Bicep, Saku, has been described as an aural and visual art masterpiece. Exploring a sort of “psychological playground,” he propels the narrative of the song forward with emotionally charged imagery. He filmed his video for Wassailer’s debut track, Son, while in Covid lockdown in the Netherlands, produced in only a matter of weeks. 

David is a storyteller in the truest sense

He suffuses the cinematic experience with a Lord of the Flies atmosphere, using his friend’s children as the actors, he creates an eerie and spellbinding visual. Synthpop band DATA’s Don’t Sing video inhabits an outwardly pleasant suburban community with some twisted, violent, sexy incidents that will surely make you squirm and grasp for answers. In 2015, Bertram was awarded the shots Young Director Award at Cannes Lions for Don’t Sing, which has now earned more than 10 million views.

Says Bertram, “I enjoy creating alternate realities which are still rooted in the here and now, enough to make you question your own reality and understanding. To me, filmmaking is a way to explore the human condition, from our dreams to our failures, and everything in between. I connected with Rob and the team at Ruffian because they also share this passion for exploring unknowns..”

“David is a storyteller in the truest sense,” says Ruffian Founder/Executive Producer, Robert Herman.

“Whether it’s straight forward performance or highly technical, the narratives or characters drive the story forward, allowing it to shine through his visuals, making his work in advertising and music videos that much more striking and effective. His films are filled from beginning to end with meaningful moments you don’t want to miss. We’re very motivated and happy to be bringing his distinctive style to the US.”

Bertram is represented by Diplomats in France.