Designed, produced, and directed by communications agency Orès Group, the same agency responsible for the brand's first TV campaign in 2016, this new appearance will focus on benefits for consumers and on the advantages of daytime hotel use. Avoiding clichés, will share core values of modernity, simplicity, and quality via films that treat quirky situations with humor and elegance.

Subtly built on an offbeat tone, the three films (Pool, Airport, Parents) depict several different users, each with good reasons for wanting to book a hotel room during the day.

The Dayuse Effect is illustrated through each film via a two-part format:
•  #1 a close portrait of different users (travelers for business, leisure, and a couple) at odds with uncomfortable situations;
•  #2 reveal: a projection of the same characters enjoying the Effect.

The " Effect" identity campaign will be distributed through digital video devices, including the Teads network on all international Business, Lifestyle, and general media throughout France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

The spots were directed by Nicolas Guittard and Eva Navaux.